• An initial consultation & IT needs assessment can be arranged at no cost
  • We are happy to work flexibly, outside of business hours and over weekends
  • If our work will cover a number of days High Peak IT is happy to negotiate the total cost


No contract, no obligation immediate support

Immediate support for a specific IT issue.

£50 per hour on site (minimum 1 hour)
£12.50 per 15 minutes telephone and remote support
£400 per day on site

Ongoing contract

Constant on-call support for minor and major IT support incidents; we offer both on-site and remote assistance with contractually agreed response times. Support contracts can also provide constant monitoring of your network and connected devices; problems are usually detected and resolved before our clients notice anything is wrong or suffer resulting downtime. Each support contract is tailored to your requirements and can include a number of hours each month.


Example contract for a small business – £800 per month 

  • Single office with a server and 5 staff
  • Monitoring of server hardware, performance metrics, errors, internet connection & firewall, website, antivirus & security software status, patching status, cloud services, DNS registrations
  • Regular patching of software and proactive maintenance
  • 24/7 on-call support for any IT issues, telecoms & printers
  • 2 hour response on-site for emergencies during business hours


Project contract

We can plan and implement major upgrades or infrastructure changes in advance to ensure a smooth migration for your business:

  • Migrating from on-premises systems to cloud based services like Micrsoft’s Office 365 or Google Docs.
  • Planning new or replacement server procurement and installation, including migration of all your data and applications.
  • Implementing technologies that will allow your staff to seamlessly work remotely.
  • Upgrading the speed & reliability of network or internet connections your company may have outgrown.